When we meet in Ansche Chesed (speedily, in our time), this is where we list who will lead the davening, chant Torah, bring Kiddush, etc.

But these are not normal times and everything has gone virtual. To volunteer for any of the various roles in the service, just drop a note to

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Yahrzeit list

Tishre 25 - Moshe Cotel

Cheshvan 24 - Trudy Balch

Kislev 10 - Marlene Schwartz

Kislev 12 - David Wachstock

Kislev 21 - Paul Gareen

Tevet 11 - Charles Morgenstein

Chiel (Charles) Morgenstein was the father of West Side Minyan member Ruth Kaufman, grandfather of Barbara and siblings, as well as a great grandfather. He was an enthusiastic WSM member and participant, whose wife, Charlotte often joined him. His touching and amazing life story of survival and coming to the USA is documented on the Internet. Though from an Orthodox background, he embraced the WSM. One year, before Shevuoth, he told us that all his life he had wanted to chant Akdamut and he was thrilled when he had the opportunity to do it with us (he was already in his 90s). He is also specially remembered as the Patriarch of a unique WSM family whose FOUR generations attended. And from time to time, the males in the family would stand up and sing nigunim together most beautifully. May his memory be a blessing.

Tevet 29 - Sam Kayman

Shevat 18 - Ed Lipton

Adar (2) 6 - Beth Levine

Nissan 25 - Barry Pogash

Sivan 5 - Phil Gold

Tammuz 27 - Isobel- Aviva Kirsch

Av 19 - Miriam Korman

Elul 13 - Walter Klepner